Facing Africa Auction Announces San Francisco Auction!

Breaking news! On 3/1/17 the Facing Africa Auction announced they will be heading up to San Francisco after their charity event in Newport Beach to host their first auction in Northern California. It’s long been their dream to host an event in the northern part of California and there’s no better city we could have it in than the beautiful and bustling city of San Francisco. 

One of the reasons they chose this location is because of the diverse market that SF offers. From extremely wealthy tech investors to the middle class family sharing an apartment, this auction is sure to have a little something that everyone will enjoy. Much like our other auctions, we plan on having a wide assortment of items to bid on. If you’re planning on coming out of state to attend our auction (our reach is nation wide and this event will draw crowds from all over the world), we will be publishing some great material that will help you learn more about the city and will also help you navigate it a little better… so stay tuned for our official San Francisco city guide! 

Mark Bonner will be the head auctioneer and has over 20 years of large auction experience. Mark is one of the most sought after auction experts and we are please to have him running the stage at our event. He is a fast talker and has a very funny personality so we know all of our attendees will have a memorable experience

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