About The Facing Africa Auction

The Facing Africa Auction has been around for over 10 years. We started off as a very small non-profit company with only 2 employees; Bill, and Steve, the 2 founders of this wonderful company. Bill and Steve wanted to help solve some of the problems in Africa by fundraising enough money to make an impact. When these two first started embarking on their mission, they were having charity events once a month, knocking on doors, and anything else you could think of to raise money they could donate. Fast forward 10 years and you’ll still see Steve and Bill working harder than ever to achieve this same goal, but now they have a workforce of over 50 employees including a marketing, advertising, accounting, and legal staff.

These two were really able to grow this company quickly because they quickly realized that there were hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to help them but didn’t have any extra money to give them. Steve and Bill started asking people if they had anything they could donate that they could sell and raise money with. These two knew this would take a lot of extra effort on their part, but knew if would pay off in the end. Slowly they grew their inventory of donated items and started holding auctions once every month to sell what they had. Last year they held over 1,000 auctions all over the country and was able to raise over 5 million dollars to donate to their favorite charities that handle situations in Africa. We are all excited to keep growing and expanding all over the world and eventually raise enough money to end suffering for good in Africa.